Lauren Stone (Jenson’s Mum)

I can’t express enough at what a wonderful Pre school this really is. After a fairly stressful period with my son, the staff at the pre school were there to support, listen, guide and help me to ensure Jenson had all the help he needed and that is exactly why in my opinion he is now completely ready to start school in September and is where he should be for his age. I had a choice to change Jensons pre school which would of been at more of a convienient location for where we live, however I chose to keep to Preston pre school because of their excellent service. My son had a scary incident at pre school, roughly a year ago.. The pre school manager Kate dealt with this in only a way a parent would hope a member of staff would.. she even offered to come in the ambulance with me to hospital… that is far and beyond her job role!! Please if you are contimplating what pre school to put your child in, this would I’m sure meet all Your expectations as a parent and much much more!!

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