Wilf’s Mum & Dad 2017

“Our son has cerebral palsy and global developmental delay. He has extensive mobility problems and has no speech, finding it difficult to communicate his needs. He requires constant supervision both for his own safety and for his personal care and wellbeing. One-to-one support from his key-worker is what makes it possible for our son to attend a mainstream preschool. As his parents, we were incredibly nervous about sending our son to a preschool and haven’t made the decision lightly.
We have been impressed by<!–Keep reading this testimonial–> the attention to detail that Preston Preschool have shown when attending to his needs. They have offered up a variety of fun play activities targeted at his level of development, that have gently challenged him to progress, and grow in confidence. The staff at the preschool clearly know and understand him and his needs very well. Their management and input into his EHCP demonstrated this superbly, highlighting that his keyworker is very attuned to his needs, development and his unique ways of communicating.
Whilst he is receiving such focused support for his needs, we are also reassured and comforted by the nurturing and gentleness he receives from the staff at the preschool. We have only ever witnessed a very supportive and professional approach to our son.
We had been very nervous about leaving our son in the hands of strangers due to the increased vulnerabilities that he has, but there is a very family-focused approach that is clearly adopted by the preschool which settled our nerves. They have been very inclusive of us as parents to ensure our involvement in his preschool learning. They have taken the time and the opportunities to get to know us as.
There’s something of a homely, earthly, wholesome feel to the preschool, which is always wonderful to step into and experience.The use of Tapestry has allowed us to see how he is interacting with children and staff at preschool, as well as the range of activities he has enjoyed doing. It has also allowed us the opportunity to share important aspects of our home life with the preschool staff.
There are lots of health and social professionals involved in his care and development. We have been amazed at how seamlessly the engagement between the preschool and all of the other various professionals has been. This is really encouraging for us, as there is very much a team-effort when it comes to implementing the advice from the occupational therapist, physiotherapist and portage practitioner.
As parents, we feel supported in the steps we have taken with our son entering the preschool setting. We are kept updated, and often consulted on about many aspects of his care and learning. Since he has started attending Preston Preschool we have especially seen him grow in confidence and has become more curious to explore his surroundings. He seems much more settled in himself and copes better with transitions. It has been amazing for us and the rest of our family to see him develop in this way.
We would have no hesitation in recommending this preschool to any family. The preschool’s attention to detail makes this recommendation even more pertinent for children with additional needs. We realise this is a fairly lengthy testimonial but we cannot express enough just how happy we are with the support our son receives from Preston Preschool.”

1 thought on “Wilf’s Mum & Dad 2017

  1. Lauren Stone (Jensons Mum) May 24, 2018 — 1:31 pm

    I can’t express enough at what a wonderful Pre school this really is. After a fairly stressful period with my son, the staff at the pre school were there to support, listen, guide and help me to ensure Jenson had all the help he needed and that is exactly why in my opinion he is now completely ready to start school in September and is where he should be for his age. I had a choice to change Jensons pre school which would of been at more of a convienient location for where we live, however I chose to keep to Preston pre school because of their excellent service. My son had a scary incident at pre school, roughly a year ago.. The pre school manager Kate dealt with this in only a way a parent would hope a member of staff would.. she even offered to
    Come in the ambulance with me to hospital… that is far and beyond her job role!! Please if you are contiplating what pre school to put your child in, this would I’m sure meet all
    Your expectations as a parent and much much more!!


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