Harrys Mum – 2018

My son has been attending since November 2016 to date (2018). Leaving him in the care of someone apart from close family was a huge thing for me, I really struggle with separation from him but knew I would have to do it sometime.
The settling was strongly recommend to us so I decided to go and have a look around (it’s not even a near by setting for us but wanted to send my son to the right place). After feeling so welcome I knew it was a place I wanted to send him.
The whole team were fantastic when it came to settling him in, they<!–click to read more–> followed what I wanted to do, which started with just sitting in the car outside and leaving him to play for just 10 minutes. I was made to feel really reassured that he was settling ok, by receiving text messages, pictures on tapestry and the feedback from the staff when I collected. The staff did everything they could to get to know my son, about his likes and dislikes and what he could already do. Before long I could see that he had made a strong relationship with the staff and I started to increase the time that I left him.
The staff are all very friendly and helpful they always willing to listen about anything I have to say and nothing is to much trouble. They have excellent knowledge about my child progression which I hear about verbally and written in end of term reviews as well as on tapestry.
Since starting at the settling my son has learnt so much, he has grown in confidence and has become very independent. He has become very social and has made lots of friends.
The resources that they have available are excellent and cover all areas of development which is required with great stimulation for all children.
The communications between the setting and parents is very good, they are very good at letting you know about what is going on in the settling. We receive lots of newsletters, texts as well as parent information mornings. I attended the last one and every idea that parents mentioned was taken on board and implemented in some way. I think this is vital that parents are able to get involved, and even more important that their ideas are listened to.
I think that tapestry is an excellent resource for me to see how my son is developing. I am able to access this at home to see what he has been doing. I can show my son the pictures that has been put on that day, then he is able to tell me about what he was doing. Parents are also encouraged to share pictures onto tapestry about what there child has been doing at home.
You can really tell that a lot of effort goes into running of the preschool, but their hard work really does pay off. You can tell that all staff at dedicated and committed to their jobs. I can’t praise them all enough and highly recommend the setting.
My son loves his time at Preston Preschool, he always talks about his friends and the ladies that take such good care of him.

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